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Friendship mit USA
District 5100 Nord-Kalifornien u. Oregon


Nachrichtenbild Der District 5100 ist an einem Friendship-Exchange mit unserem Distrikt interessiert.

Rotary District 5100 in the United States is interested in exploring the possibility of a Rotary Friendship Exchange with your district.  I am writing to introduce you to our district and to open a dialogue about an exchange with you.
Our district is located in the Pacific Northwest, one of the most beautiful parts of the United States.  The district is located north of California, and  includes the northern part of the State of Oregon and southwest Washington.  We have many different ecosystems in our district--huge mountains, lush, fertile valleys,  vineyards, waterfalls galore, high desert, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Our largest city, Portland, Oregon, is renowned for its great restaurants,  independent  lifestyles, excellent wine, gorgeous roses and fine cultural activities.   Outdoor activities abound, including year-round skiiing on Mt.Hood, an hour from Portland.  Our weather is mild and our people are very friendly.  The best time of year to visit us is during the summer, in July, August or September.  Our district website is
We have had many friendship exchanges, most recently with districts in Argentina and India.  We are very experienced at these exchanges and will provide an unforgettable experience for you.  Our primary language is English, so we would like to do an exchange in an area where English is spoken or understood by many.   I wish Americans were more conversant in other languages, but unfortunately most are not.  In my experience, Germans have excellent English skills. 
These friendship exchanges are wonderful for Rotary fellowship, finding partners for other Rotary activities, seeing the world, and promoting peace and understanding.  We also have a number of Rotarians in our district of German descent who are interested in exploring their heritage during such an exchange.
I would be honored to hear from you about taking the next step in planning a Rotary Friendship Exchange with you.  Thank you so much for considering this request.
Yours in Rotary. 
Vicki Yates
District 5100
Chair, Rotary Friendship Exchange

Wenn Sie Kontakt mit Vicki Yates aufnehmen wollen melden Sie sich bitte bei Ulrich Möller.

Montag, 30. Juni 2014/CP
Letzte Änderung: 30.06.14/CP

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